Soulbase is in Denver, Colorado and provides a holistic and mindful approach to coaching with the intention of cultivating awareness, healing and deep lasting change.

 I am committed to providing an environment of tranquility, safety, trust, and non-judgement so that all issues and topics can be explored with openness, compassion, and acceptance.

-Jeremy Scott Lambert


Couples/Relationships Coaching

Relationships take work. Learn how to value and meet one another's needs, improve communication and foster the type of relationship that feeds the soul. Also learn more about my other services for couples including: Peaceful Divorce, Co-Parenting, and Sex, Intimacy & Communication Counseling.

Regression & Energy Release 

Regression Therapy and Cord Cutting are two of the most effective techniques in resolving stuck emotional energy and frozen blocks of energy that are holding us back from expressing our true potential in this life. This soul-based approach is the cornerstone of lasting growth and healing. All sessions are offered at my Denver, Colorado office. 


 Individual Life Coaching 

I believe everyone can benefit from coaching or counseling. I take a soul-centered/intuitive approach that takes into account you as a dynamic and unique human being. Whatever it is you need to work through, heal from, process or simply want to talk about, I can be there to help you through it. 



Life Transitions Coaching

The core law on earth is change. As we switch lanes, sometimes we need support and help in discovering the courage and forging the tools necessary to create and sustain a new way of living and make peace with our life. I approach transitions from a holistic space with a foundation rooted in soul, meaning and purpose. 

I have an office in Denver, Colorado and offer an initial phone consultation at no charge to explore how we could best work together. Please contact me with any questions you have about my professional background, my services, and how I could best support you in this process.