I work with people of all sexual orientations, lifestyles and cultural backgrounds.

Relationships of any kind, but especially intimate and romantic, are no small undertaking. Completely different personalities, backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, wants, desires, needs etc.

And we expect it to be easy, to flow, and for love to sustain itself. I believe relationships take work and that's okay, even better, that's what makes relationships so amazing...

  • From a soul perspective, we have karma and lessons to learn from our partners and relationships.
  • From a psychobiological standpoint, we have hormones and chemicals firing off at will, coupled with a history of attachment schemas. 
  • From a physical perspective, we have sexual wants, needs, desires, fantasies. 
  • From an emotional perspective, we crave love and intimacy and we crave independence/autonomy simultaneously.

Whether your relationship is struggling/lacking or you simply want to take it to the next level (whatever that means for you) my sessions can provide an objective, safe, open, non-judgmental and healing atmosphere to explore whatever needs to be explored. 

To learn more about couples/relationship counseling schedule a Free 30-minute consultation or schedule your first session today at my Denver, Colorado office.