I work with people of all sexual orientations, lifestyles and cultural backgrounds.

I approach counseling from a truly holistic position. In sessions with my clients I utilize my intuition, my life-experience and my various professional and academic trainings in counseling and energy work to help clients help themselves move forward in their lives.

The main principles I focus on (no matter what type of counseling work you have chosen to pursue with me) are healing and growth. But to get the place where you can truly begin healing and growing, you must understand what it truly means to be human. Like nature, we as human beings require balance and synergy to maintain and sustain homeostasis and health. The synergy is with your physical body, emotional body, spiritual body and mental body. The balancing act is processing, releasing and learning how to listen to and use all four bodies together, as a team, in the healthiest, most balanced, and most effective way you can. 

I believe life on earth is about learning, growing, overcoming our innate victim-mentality and working toward self-actualization. In order for real-lasting-change to take place we must, as humans, take a holistic approach.