Regression Therapy & Energy Release Therapy 


In this life, and in past ones as well, we form connections and ties with the human beings we meet and interact with. We all feel connected to different people in different ways. Sometimes we have deeply routed soul connections with someone causing (at times) overwhelming feelings of both love and fear. All of these feelings within spiritual ties are of a higher vibration. Depending on what the two of you came here to learn, and depending on what your past lives together look like, you feel certain emotions towards a person and feel connected in a very unique and beautiful way (some emotions filled with love and connection, which are spiritual-ties, and some from past lives or current life vents which are negative (lower vibration in nature) and would go under the category of Frozen Blocks Of Energy. I utilize Regression Therapy to effectively remove frozen blocks of energy on the emotional and soul level. 



A Cord Of Attachment is different from a Frozen Block. It is an energetic tie from one human being to another and it exists on the astral level. Every time you have met a person in this lifetime and have had the conscious or subconscious thought of ” I am interested in this person” or ” I am curious about this person” you formed one energetic cord of attachment to them. These cords are filled with all of emotional & mental garbage from this lifetime with that other human being. If you were in an abusive relationship with someone, or if you had a teacher who made you feel bad about yourself, or if you had a friend who at one time made you feel bad, or parents who were abusive or made you feel bad etc. The list goes on. Then you most likely have a heavy, confusing and negatively life impacting cord with that person that is holding you back from fully experiencing what it is like to be you.

These emotions and these thoughts get stuck in this cord you form with another person. Depending on how much of this emotional and mental gunk is in the cord determines how much of an effect these cords items will have on you daily life. These items (when there are a lot of them) affect your conscious, subconscious and emotional body 24/7. You begin to identify with negative thoughts or negative emotions.

For the sake of not confusing things we will call these different connections by different names. We form spiritual ties with people and we form Cords Of Attachment. You cannot cut, dissolve or ruin a spiritual-tie while doing energy work. It is a higher vibration and it exists on a much higher level of existence (dimensions wise). We form one spiritual tie and one cord of attachment to each person we meet.

Have you ever wondered why when you left an abusive or negative relationship, and you mentally moved on you still felt bad about yourself, lacked confidence and still felt the emotions and had the thoughts of when you were with that person? That is the Cord Of Attachment working hard.

Cord cutting is also great for bettering your relationship with lovers, friends and family as it removes the garbage, allowing for the soul connection to run the relationship, rather than lower emotions and vibrations. 

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