Life Transition Counseling ( New Life Coaching) 

In the simplest terms, transition is change. In a broader sense however, transitions are life’s way of asking us to reexamine our present way of being in this life. These transitions can be predictable such as a child leaving for college or marriage, or they can be unpredictable, such as the sudden death of a loved one or a traumatic accident or unforeseen illness. 

Whatever the degree or intensity of the event, every transition we experience has one thing in common: It forces us to make changes to our existing lifestyle and mindset. And with change, comes resistance, anxiety and fear. A major life transition literally closes one chapter of our life, and starts a new one, putting us in a new place and direction that we have not walked before. It is often a very difficult adjustment as we endure intense feelings of fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

My Life Transitions sessions in Denver, Colorado can help you to discover, create and maintain a new way of being, explore the issues,  and find closure/healing along the way. 

Some common Life Transitions:

  • Divorce/Breakup
  • Accident/Injury
  • Disease/Illness
  • Addiction & Rehabilitation 
  • Death Of a Loved One. 
  • Job-Loss
  • Children Leaving Home

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